Cooking Direction:

  1. Add the mix in 600 ml of warm water and stir it well. Partially close the lid and let it cook for 15 mins. on low flame. Stir it occasionally for another 10 minutes on low flame till you get your desired thickness.
  2. Serve after the Payesh / Kheer cools off.



Gobondo Bhog Rice, Milk, Sugar, Elaichi, Kaju, Kismis, Tejpata


Nutritional Information

Uncooked (Approx per 100 gm)


Energy                                  408.85

Protein                                 5.26

Carbohydrate                    84.42

Sugar                                     60.25

Fat                                          5.57

Best before 9 months from manufacture


No Preservatives

No Artificial Flavour

No Artificial Colour

100% Vegetarian




f s s a i

Lic. No. 12818019006245